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Seusai Yakinkan Azka Corbuzier, Kalina Ocktaranny: Mungkin yang Terlihat Buruk Itu Lebih Apa Adanya

Mantan istri Deddy Corbuzier, Kalina Ocktaranny, kembali menuliskan sebuah unggahan di Instagram seusai adegan saling membalas dengan putranya, Azka.

Penulis: Noorchasanah A | Editor: Rifatun Nadhiroh
Vicky Prasetyo, Kalina Ocktaranny dan Azka Corbuzier. 

Since the media keep on asking me about you and your new relationship, I believe I have to say this..

Mom I don't hate you for what you did or what you do.

If doing things like this brings you happiness, then let it be so... I am happy for you.

But it's not my style nor is it my concern right now.

I'm trying to build a career, character and future of my own..

I'm trying to learn from MY DAD... MY ONLY DAD everything that he can teach me.

So I really don't have time for this kind of publicity or media right now.

But again I am happy for you..

I just choose not to see it, because it looks weird for me so please DON'T bring that to my life.

I can see that you're having fun with your new family that you just met a week ago, new Kids that u care about, and I'm sorry that I can't be as fun as them, buts it's just not me, and I'm happy that you can get that.

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