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Chord Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu Broken - Anson Seabra : I've Tried Everything and Anything

Berikut chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Broken yang dipopulerkan oleh Anson Seabra.

Penulis: Tribun Network | Editor: Reza Dwi Wijayanti

Chord Kunci Gitar dan Lirik Lagu Broken - Anson Seabra


          D#m                                                     B                           F#          C#

If you see the boy I used to be, could you tell him that I'd like to find him

                 D#m                                                       B                         F#          C#

And if you see the shell that's left of me, could you spare him a little kindness

                      D#m                                                B                                                        F#   C#

'Cus I've been high and I've been low, I've spent a thousand nights alone, tryna hold on tight

                     D#m                                                  B                                                        F#       C#

And feelings come but they won't go, please won't someone take me home before I lose my mind

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